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Premium Gold Ore from the remote mountains of California

Welcome to High Country Gold – Where quartz crystal and fine minerals meet. A perfect unison of Crystallized Treasures. Be mesmerized by these mineral matrix beauties! The marriage between these quartz specimens and fine minerals are exquisite.
    We offer collectibles in all price ranges, at affordable prices. We keep costs down and have developed a collection of some of the best mineral sources in California.
    We specialize in individually hand-picked Gold, Silver, Copper, and Quartz, (a.k.a. Iron Oxide Copper Gold Ore).  Other minerals we carry include Kostovite, Goldfieldite and even rare Calaverite.   We consider these minerals to contain amazing electro-healing properties utilized during the construction of various new technologies from solar panel construction to orgonite designs.
    The creation of these complicated, yet aesthetic formations can only come from high temperatures and extreme pressure. Naturally occurring diamonds have also been found in some specimens! These minerals are simply volcanic! An ore that has existed for over a millennia. When you purchase a mineral specimen from High Country Gold, know that you are not just adding any rock to your collection, you are adding a history larger than life!
Feel the treasure in your hands.
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high-country-goldGold ore is obtained from a variety of ores. Most people think a lot of gold comes from nuggets. But the truth is that very little comes from actual gold nuggets. Practically all newly mined gold comes from ores and gold quartz mined from the natural rock ore that carries gold in tiny, even microscopic particles. Gold is often the native metal that is encased within quartz specimens and other sulphide minerals. Sometimes the gold is in a finely divided state. Throughout history, vein deposits were the most productive, these widely dispersed deposits currently yield much of the world's gold.